You can have the benefit of Attorney’s with 25 years of experience at a reasonable cost. Boucher and

Kanan now offers payment plan arrangements that allow the client to meet with us and get their

case filed quickly. Our goal is to get you back on your feet.

So you can start enjoying life.

Boucher & Kanan is a Debt Relief Agency

We help individuals file for bankruptcy. In fact, we have successfully helped hundreds of individuals just like you file for bankruptcy relief.

Bankruptcy Laws Are Intended to Help You To Manage Your Debt Problem

The bankruptcy laws provide a solution for those burdened by excessive debt and allow for a "fresh start" free of the financial stress of the past. These bankruptcy laws were created to allow honest people, who are financially overwhelmed by debt, an opportunity to start over again.


For over two decades Boucher and Kanan have counseled hundreds of families with debt issues. Whether faced with garnishment of wages, foreclosure of a home, or repossession of a vehicle, we have twenty five years of experience in helping our clients take control of their finances. In many cases, getting that debt under control is a simple process that will allow you to get a fresh start. 

How To Begin

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Consult With A Debt Relief Professional

At your initial consultation, you will meet directly with one of our attorneys who will answer your

questions and assist you in making a decision regarding whether you should file for bankruptcy.

We will do everything we can do to accommodate your schedule and we are mindful that some

circumstances require immediate or emergency filings to stop garnishments or a foreclosure. 

You'll Be Treated With Respect

Loss of a job, divorce, death or illness are the primary reasons why people file for bankruptcy. At

Boucher Kanan, we understand that this process isn't easy for you and we promise that you will

be treated with respect. Our staff and attorneys will explain the process and put you at ease as you

consider whether filing for bankruptcy relief makes sense for you. You won't be pressured into                    

filing for bankruptcy and we won’t suggest that you file for bankruptcy unless we believe you will

benefit from the process after a full explanation of the process.


Both Michael Boucher and Joseph Kanan have handled hundreds of bankruptcy cases, discharging

millions of dollars of debt obligations for our clients.  We provide you with a careful and

considered analysis of your financial situation.


Our home was going into foreclosure. We called BoucherKanan 24 hours before the Sheriff Sale was scheduled to occur. They gathered the necessary information, filed Bankruptcy, stopped the foreclosure process and saved out home
— Joe and Sarah W

Stop the Garnishments, the Lawsuits, the Foreclosure, the Annoying Creditor Phone Calls

Start Enjoying Life!

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