Police and Prosecutors have Unlimited Resources to Obtain a Conviction Against You or Someone You Love.

You have one opportunity to retain attorneys with the experience required to negotiate a satisfactory resolution or take the matter to trial before a Judge or Jury.  We have successfully represented thousands of people charged with crimes-obtaining the best possible results.

Don’t take chances with your liberty.

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You Have Rights If You Are Accused of a Crime


It is absolutely critical that you understand that if you are charged with a crime, you have certain rights that have been guaranteed in our Federal and State Constitution.

I was facing prison time after a probation violation. I retained Mr. Boucher. He appeared on my behalf and persuaded the Court to extend my probation to prove myself-thanks Mike!
— Bryan P

One of the most critical rights that you have is the right to the attorney of your choosing to represent you at

what might be the most critical time in your life.


A Systematic Method To Develop Your Defense


No two criminal cases are the same. Every client is unique. At Boucher and Kanan we begin the process of

representing our clients by engaging them in an intensive interview about the facts of their case in order to

determine available defenses and mitigation strategies. We then develop a plan that will guide the client through

the process and insure the greatest likelihood for achieving the objective of the client.


Too many attorney's meet with a potential client and simply tell them what they want to hear. Our philosophy is

dramatically different. We will candidly discuss your case from the perspective of two trial lawyers who have

taken hundreds of cases to verdict.   


We go the extra mile because we are mindful of the fact that a criminal conviction can be devastating and can

result in your imprisonment, fines, costs and probation. It can mean the loss of your home, your family, your way

of life.




At Boucher and Kanan we do whatever we can to bring the best possible resolution to your case. As

criminal defense attorneys with twenty-five years experience, we've defended difficult cases with excellent results.

We guide each case through the system with the  best interests of the client in mind.


For each and every client we devote the time necessary to prepare your case and master the facts and the law to provide you with the greatest likelihood to achieve the best possible outcome. 

We have successfully defended clients with all types of misdemeanors and felonies, such as:



Driving on a Suspending license

               Reckless Driving                

Hit and Run

                  Driving under the Influence (DUI)                

Petty theft



Grand Theft    


Fraud  Criminal Threats/Terrorist Threats


White Collar Crimes  



Narcotics and Drug Crimes

Probation Violations  

Possession or Sale of Narcotics    

Vehicular Manslaughter



Illegal Possession of Firearms      

Rape/Statutory Rape

Domestic Abuse


You'll no doubt have questions about how the process works, what happens next, and how best to prepare your defense. Our priority is successfully defending you and keeping you well informed. We pride ourselves in answering your questions and concerns in a timely manner. Clients can expect a response to questions within 24 hours.   


A person who has been convicted of a crime has a number of options for seeking additional relief from the criminal justice system -- including the filing of an appeal to have a criminal conviction overturned or sentence reduced. 


The Criminal Appeal Process Occurs Only After a Plea or Conviction by Jury.


The appeals process has strict time limits for filing or perfecting the appeal. You need someone with the requisite experience to assure that you don't forfeit your rights or the rights of a loved one. You can't trust just any attorney to successfully handle your appeal, you need attorneys who have filed appeals, appeared before appellate courts and have obtained real results for your clients.  


Michael Boucher and Joe Kanan each have twenty five years experience each in Criminal Defense and Appeals.

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