My divorce was the single toughest thing I ever experienced in my life. Joe Kanan helped me through this difficult period and stood up for me when I didn’t have the strength-I am forever grateful
— Samuel G

At Boucher and Kanan, we provide experienced, professional legal representation in all areas of family law and related issues. We are committed to helping families work through the legal issues involved in a divorce, child related disputes, and property disputes.  


Our offices provide a variety of services including traditional premium representation where we are with you throughout the process. We prepare your paperwork, file it with the Court, attend all hearings with you, meet with opposing counsel, negotiate on your behalf, conduct trials and evidentiary hearings where required and prepare the documentation to finalize the matter. 

Another option is to permit us in assisting the client with Do-It-Yourself services. That option would allow you to save some of the costs associated with traditional representation and still feel confident as you navigate through the process. Of course, we are always happy to provide a blended service to assist you with precisely those areas where you feel uncertain. 

Whether you are experiencing some difficulty at home and are thinking about speaking to an attorney, or in those cases where a legal action has commenced, we will promptly meet with you to discuss your concerns and explain your options, professionally and confidentially.

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