For nearly twenty-five years, Joe Kanan has handled hundreds of real estate transactions from simple sale agreements to land contracts, to assisting developers in the preparation of sophisticated commercial real estate documents. Boucher Kanan has been providing legal counsel in a wide array of real estate transactions including:
  • For Sale By Owner Services

  • Landlord tenant services

  • Land contract forfeiture and foreclosure

  • Drafting commercial and residential lease agreements

  • Drafting condominium documents

  • Review of condominium documents

  • Business assets sales

  • Review of franchise agreements

  • Real estate litigation

  •  Drafting Deeds and Land Contracts

If you are buying or selling real estate, developing a project, or find yourself in a situation where you may require litigation counsel, look no further than Boucher Kanan. 
If you sell your home for $100,000.00, it will cost you approximately $6000.00 in commissions to a real estate broker. Join the hundreds of people who realized that there was a better, more cost effective way to sell their home.  We can show you how you can cut out the realtor and save yourselves thousands of dollars in the process. Our basic For Sale By Owner Package (FSBOP) includes the following: 
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Warranty Deed
  • Seller's Disclosure Statement as Required By Michigan Law
  • Mortgage Information
  • Mortgage Payoff Authorization
  • Closing Information and Instructions
  • Consultation with Counsel 
That basic package will provide you with the documents and information to sell your home without incurring the cost of real estate commissions for the price of $495.00.  Additional services are available to our clients at a dramatically reduced rate to assure that their sale proceeds smoothly. If you are considering the sale of your home and you want to discuss your options regarding our For Sale By Owner Package, you should call us today for a free phone consultation. 
We considered using a broker to sell our home, but we knew that doing so would cost us over ten thousand dollars in commissions. A friend told us that Joe Kanan assisted her in the sale of her home, provided valuable legal advice in the process and saved her thousands. We called and received a free phone consultation and realized that we could save thousands too- the money we saved on the transaction was used to buy new furniture for our entire house.
— John and Jen M.